My Life, My Story

My Life, My Story

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final : Amazing Race Asia Season 4

I'm waiting for this so freaking babe! At last! The final episode of season 4.

And here are the contestant from the early episode.

The contestant came from all over 'Asia'. 

My favorite is Jessy and Lani from Philippines. 

(Some people called them b****. But for me, they're just having fun. Just chill-up )

And here are the final contestants :

Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera from Philippines (Friends)

Natasha and Hussein from Indonesia (Father and Daughter)

Michelle and Claire from Singapore (Friends)

And at last, the winner goes to my dearest (eh, tetibe my dearest kan. Bukan dapat share pun kalau I panggil diorang dearest kan..hehehehe...)

The most toughest and handsome's contestant



P/S :

* Sempat meleleh airmata tengok anak-beranak Natasha and Hussein. Memang minah leleh ar lu Qaseh...;p yela, anak ngan ayah kan..gaduh tetap gaduh but bonding between them..hmmm...


  1. haha...aku x suke jessy ngan lani tue...

  2. adakah krn mereka gedix dan suke flirting dgn semua org? hehehehe...;p